Never Fear Knowledge

I would say to everyone, never be afraid to find out; never be afraid to acquire knowledge.  I say that because in my experience many people are unwilling to find things out, to seek knowledge because, firstly, it takes time and effort to chase down information, facts and figures, to study them,  understand them and then arrive at their own independent conclusion, even if that conclusion is to agree with what they have found out.  More importantly, however, I believe that the unwillingness stems from the fact that people are scared that it will change what they believe and have believed all their life.  This is because as soon as you realise that there are other ways of looking at things, of dealing with things, even other ways of living, you then have to make a choice: deny your new awareness, your new knowledge, your new growth in consciousness, pretend it never happened and try to go back to the way things were before or try to continue in the same old way, OR embrace the new awareness, the new knowledge, the expansion in consciousness.

In the case of the former, denying change takes a lot of effort and in my personal view, leads to extremism and fanaticism as people begin to fight with the energy of their minds, their emotions (heart), their very spirit, as they try to erase, shut out, scrub out things that they know exist and are there to be explored; things which, in their heart of hearts, they know will oblige them to make the choice as to whether or not to move forward and step through the opening door and experience and, thereafter, to be constantly making choices to experience or not to experience – which door to step through, which window of opportunity to seize and act upon – and finding the courage to do so.

If, however, you embrace the new awareness, new knowledge and the expansion in consciousness, it also means that you have to embrace change; change that often means that you are no longer in step with many people around you – your community, your friends, your family members.  It means finding the courage to be ridiculed and even ostracized and not be defeated; to have to go it alone, to be alone and sometimes to be lonely; to become a stranger to those whom you used to know and to be a stranger amongst others for a while as you seek friendship in a new community of the like-minded.

The bottom line is that life is one hell of an adventure.  It is as deeply mysterious and complex as it is elegantly simple and straightforward.  Life is a thing of constant motion.  Life is energy and energy always seeks resolution, constantly seeking balance.  You cannot stand in one spot, unmoving and think you can live, think you can solve, think you can evolve.  It is only by grasping what life has put in front of you – which by the way, you have put in front of you – and running with it that you then begin to see the doors and windows of opportunity, information, answers and solutions, opening up in front of you and through which you can step or reach into, grasp what they have to offer and run with  those as well.  So those who refuse to budge an inch and say that where they are at is all there is to know and all outside of that is evil or an heresy, or those that say they are waiting for the ideal moment to come, the ideal situation, the ideal environment or the ideal set of circumstances to present themselves before they will take action or agree to move forward – and all of which are just around the corner if only they would move forward!! – are those who – dare I say it?! – have their heads stuck up some funny place and are lost in la-ka-ka-la land!


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