The Judas Factor

Following on from my previous discuss, so it was, in fact, that Christ incarnated on Earth in order to teach the human race how to become  Sovereign Masters through Ascension – merging with one’s Higher Self whilst still yet remaining in physical body on Earth and living life on Earth as an Ascended Sovereign Master, a Standard for awakening humans to learn from and emulate. The Christ had come to show mankind how, through Ascension, to create their own reality on a whole new level and to do so with all the ease and grace of a miracle.

Therefore, on a mission to demonstrate the Divine sovereignty and power of the individual, Christ could not incarnate on Earth to be a ‘Saviour’ as that would have totally destroyed the whole reason for his being on Earth and undergoing all that he would undergo.  Indeed, he could not possibly save you or I or anyone!  To do that he would have had to find a means to scrub out our minds, somehow remove our free will and take away our ability to think, to reason, to imagine, to feel and to create; in short, somehow find a way to take away everything God-given that made us human and sovereign.

Seeding this Christ Consciousness on Earth was the biggest event that Creation had ever undertaken since the birth and descent of man to Earth.  It could not have been a spur of the moment idea.  But even if it was,  the success of such a stupendous, such an earth-shakingly important event could surely not have been left purely to chance and it is unimaginable that some kind of safeguards, some measures would not have been put in place to ensure that at least the basic objective was met – i.e. that the Christ Consciousness seed would become well and truly embedded on Earth and  flourish no matter what and no matter how long it took!

I believe that we can therefore all agree that the whole business of Christ, his crucifixion and Ascension was way to grandiose and way to important to have been a mistake, an unforeseen  freakish accident, or – to borrow a concept that Australians like to use (and abuse) –  just a bunch of  high-spirited  ‘larrikins’ running amok in the neighbourhood and professing to be having fun … until, suddenly, things got way, way out of hand!  On all levels, there must have been at least consensus on, if not detailed planning of, the major objectives, as well as an understanding by all the actors on all levels of the potential ways in which these objectives could be achieved.

As I have stated elsewhere in my discourses, money-power and religion have been the greatest catalysts for human growth and evolution up until now.  But there is a fourth … love.  Love, whether for self or for others,  makes Beings do incredible things.  I read in a philosophical piece somewhere – and I so regret not being able to remember where – that those people, those Beings who play the toughest roles in your life, who are the most challenging to relate to, who put you through misery and pain, all in an  effort to support you and to enable you to fulfill the objectives you set yourself for your lifetime, are in fact the ones you love the most on the higher planes.  They are the ones with whom you share the greatest love.  That is why they agree to play those tough roles for you, and you for them, knowing that when all is done and you meet once again on the higher planes, you will understand and all will be forgiven – indeed, there will be no need to forgive.

And so it has to be asked, who are these mighty Beings who put up their hand and volunteered to participate in this almighty drama of the Ascension, in support of the Christ?  Who are these mighty Beings who agreed to play these tough, unprecedented and pioneering roles for love of humanity and love for Creation?  And who is this mighty Being who put up his hand for the toughest role of all?

And so we come to the whole issue of Judas Iscariot and the biggest question of all: why did the Christ not stop Judas in his tracks?  Are we really to believe that this whole drama came out of left field?  A total  surprise to these mighty Beings and especially to the Christ? Why did the Christ not say to Judas, for example, “Judas, don’t be silly, man!  You’re one of the brainier ones in this outfit!  You mean you’ve not been able to figure things out yet?!  I’m not going anywhere!  I’ve still got lots of work to do!  So cut the crap!”

On the contrary, this Mighty Being who could create a miracle and feed thousands using just a few fish and and a few loaves of bread,  who could turn water into wine and of whom many in authority were afraid, did little or nothing to save himself – say, for example, slip away to safety in the dead of night; or confront Judas and force him to come clean and then through Judas arrange a meeting with his enemies to discuss all the matters of contention; or defend himself in court and then use his knowledge and power to turn the public against those in authority.  Or perhaps even pull a few fancier moves that would have frightened his opponents into leaving him alone!  But … nothing!  Nothing! Instead he allowed himself to be lead to his death like a lamb to the slaughter.  This was no grand hijacking of one of the greatest Divine undertakings by all of Creation!

As I state in my article, Spiritual Roots, we create our own reality and everything that happens to you in life has a meaning, a purpose; that on the higher planes you in collaboration with others set up the events – the dramas and melodramas – which you then experience in physical reality when you reincarnate on Earth.  As such, you are never a victim of circumstance or of anyone.  You are involved in a particular piece of drama because you have chosen to be involved in it for specific reasons.

So what is the truth here?  Were the dramatic events leading to the death of  Jesus Christ  an unforeseen and horrific tragedy?  Or was the birth, life, crucifixion and Ascension of Christ planned and carried out to perfection?  Oh, it would have needed the courage and the love of a Christ and the courage and love of a Judas to execute this extraordinarily daring plan, for it involved much pain and sorrow; a deep grief at the thought of what they had decided to do; a grief that Judas would not have been able to continue living with without losing his mind, for they were all also human after all.  Were these, in fact,  mighty Beings who knew what was at stake?  Who knew that their dramatic deaths would enable the Christ to  finalize the objectives of his mission?  Who knew that their dramatic deaths would capture the attention of humanity and have it firmly riveted on Christ’s message far into the future? And who knew that death  provided them with the surest means by which, mission accomplished,  they could quickly remove themselves from the Earth plane?

So Judas Iscariot, what is the truth here? You have had a long time to at least come to terms with the events of those fateful few days, more than two thousand years ago.  So pull yourself together, find a comfortable sofa and let’s hear your story.  If you do not want to talk, then perhaps you can  facilitate the discovery of scrolls and other artefacts that will serve to enlighten the human race.  Look at it this way: 2012 marked the end of an era, indeed the end of a civilization.  We are now in 2013 and 2013 not only marks the beginning of a new civilization – and there are many who are already laying the groundwork and working on the foundations for a new civilization – it also marks the beginning of an era of revelations and truths.  Everyone believes you messed up real big time with Yeshua; that you are the epitome of a treacherous villain.  If that is indeed the case, then now is as good a time as any, in the history and evolution of the human race, for  you to make some restitution by explaining fully what the whole idea was behind the drama and then drawing some important moral lessons and putting it out there for the human race to benefit from.

However,  many of us suspect that there is much, much  more to this story than meets the eye! It could even be that this grand drama with Yeshua was a multidimensional one, when you take into consideration all the rumours that abound – rumours about Mary Magdalene, rumours about children, rumours that in fact Yeshua did not die on the Cross; rumours that he appeared in India and Africa and taught in those places after his supposed death … and on and on!  Judas, you just tell us all what you know.  We are all grown up now.  We can take it.

For it is said that the truth shall set you free.  Well, in this instance the truth shall set not only you free.  Telling it like it was and is will set a huge percentage of the human race free from an event that still makes our insides churn with grief, an event that occurred so long ago and that is still shrouded in no end of mystery and most of all, confusion.  So we want the truth, Judas, so that at long, long last the human race can find closure, can heal, can move on and let go of the vast amount of energy that is currently consumed by grieving; a vast amount of creative energy that will come back to serve humanity and help them establish a New Civilization.


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A retired Queensland Government employee now endeavouring to pursue my passions, realise my dreams big and little, live life fully as much as I can everyday, be sovereign, fulfil my freely chosen spiritual missions and tread my own path to spiritual enlightenment in this lifetime
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