Just Venting!!!

Thursday, 28 February 2013:

Higher Self, I am feeling very unhappy, in fact angry right now!  Yes,  yes, I know you will say that I am feeling sorry for myself and should cut the victim crap, but I don’t care even though you are right, because that is exactly how I am feeling right now!  Higher Self, I feel that you are being selfish because it seems you only care about what you want to experience and do not give a damn about me, the Human Aspect, which you played a major role in sending down here to Earth in order for you to experience physical 3D life! Like all humans, I have earthly needs, desires and responsibilities and require the abundance to match.

Oh yes, I have understood the lack of abundance game we were playing these past 20 years and why we had to play it, but that game came to an end proper, proper in October 2012 when I made the pilgrimage to Uluru.  You know this very well and that there is no longer any need to continue that game.  It is now more than four months since the end of that mission and at this particular point in my life, I believe I really should not need to be still struggling to meet my earthly needs, especially in the way of what I require to continue with my next mission.  Higher Self, I thought that you would understand this and facilitate an effortless flow of abundance into my life to meet whatever I require and desire; just as I, as your Human Aspect, facilitate your ability to experience what it is like to live on Earth!

Higher Self, if it is for the experience of the highly charged emotions that are the result of drama, trauma and mental, emotional and physical hardship and suffering, I have provided you with a myriad of these experiences over many, many, many lifetimes.  We have been there and done that and I, for one, do not need any more such experiences in my life.  I really do not need to experience in this lifetime what it feels like to sleep on a park bench!  Why?  Because I have slept on many benches and on the hard earth on many occasions in many other lifetimes.  It is time to move on and experience a different kind of life; the kind of life I dream about in my vision for a New Energy Civilization.  But it seems that you want to go on having your old energy experiences even at the expense of my life!  Well, I do not believe that I deserve that!  Higher Self, you should know that when I have to struggle to meet my earthly needs, I then simply do not have the time, or the energy or the interest in serving your needs.  If you do not have any consideration for my needs and do not have any time for me, then I also do not have time and consideration for you!

So listen Higher Self, it is time to put an end to the games we have been playing up until now; time to bring yourself down here to Earth, merge with me fully and lets us create new games and go on new adventures as One; as the Ascended Sovereign Being that we have worked for aeons to become.  I absolutely will no longer play any of the old games and I will no longer cooperate with you, if you will not cooperate with me.  I will simply stay in bed!

In this particular phase of our life together, it is probably my turn to take the lead because the action needs to take place down here on Earth.  I am the Earth Aspect, I AM the Point of Presence and I do have some expertise on how things work down here!  Surely, if we have reached a stage in human evolution where we the humans are to invite our Divine Aspect to merge with us here on Earth and to continue living and experiencing here on Earth, then surely, we humans have value; and not only do we have value, but we are of equal value to our Higher Self.  You and I have to put all our skills, all that we have at each other’s disposal and live, work and create as One Almighty Ascended Sovereign Being.

I have invited you several times now to please come and join me.  You know that I have even created an invitation song for you called Fun, which I have sung to you on a number of occasions now, twirling around the lounge room pretending we are dancing together!  So now let me recount a little story that I recently heard in a popular TV series here called The Newsroom (Series 1, Episode 3, The Newsroom by Aaron Sorkin):

Moses invited Jesus to play golf.  Moses teed off first and hit a great shot.  Jesus hit his ball into the trees.  He then raised his arms and looked up to the heavens.  A thunderstorm suddenly arose and through a series of miraculous moves involving  a flash flood in the trees, a fish and a bird, Jesus’ ball finally ended up in the cup for a hole in one!  Jesus then flashed Moses a satisfied grin (as if to say, “beat that!”) but an irritated Moses just said, ‘look, do you want to play golf or do you want to f – – k around?’

So, Higher Self, do you want to play the Ascension game or do you just want to f – – k around?!


Well, two days after making all this noise I got a vision of my Higher Self in humanoid form.  It was positioned at the far side of the room and was laughing at me.  It had this big teasing grin and I got this feeling that reminded me of my son when he was about five years old!

“La, la-la-la-la!” my Higher Self sang and the message was, “catch me if you can! You can’t catch me!” And then it sobered up somewhat and said in a firm but kind voice, “Of course I am going to come and join with you, Ronke! But you are so stressed out! If I were to try and come in now I would blow all your fuses!  J-u-s-t—t-h-i-n-k—a-b-o-u-t—it !! So you will first have to let all that tension – and it is a tension that stems from even before this lifetime – out of your body and become completely relaxed.”

 “Oh!” I said in surprise. “And here I have been getting angry and …”

“Yes, I know!  You have been blasting me all over town! But I love you deeply, so very deeply, so I don’t mind! You may even use curse words because I see you have refrained from using many!  So, idiot…dunderhead…fool…dickhead…stupid, even f—–g dickhead because even that you can say with some affection, but..… er…somehow I feel I should draw the line at a – – h – – e!”

Well, that took the wind completely out of my sails!  No more throwing of tantrums at my Higher Self!  Not ever!


About ronkeh7

A retired Queensland Government employee now endeavouring to pursue my passions, realise my dreams big and little, live life fully as much as I can everyday, be sovereign, fulfil my freely chosen spiritual missions and tread my own path to spiritual enlightenment in this lifetime
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