The Christ Thing!

Following on from what I wrote on my Spiritual Roots page: well, Old Age, Old Energy, New Age or New Energy Age, it didn’t matter!  The Christ thing wouldn’t go away! I found that I felt inside of me that it was important to truly understand Christ’s message and so, although my struggle with it slipped into the background, it still continued on and off over the years. My New Age experiences evolved into the New Energy Age and I would hear references to ‘Christ Consciousness’ and about Yeshua bringing in the Christ Consciousness and seeding it here on Earth.  But what exactly was this ‘Christ Consciousness’?  I wasn’t quite getting it.  And the big question for me still remained – why didn’t Yeshua use his powers to put the Romans and other oppressors in their place? What was that all about?  Oh, I had a number of pieces of the puzzle but the many more that were missing meant that I still could not see the whole picture. I hadn’t seen anything anywhere that clearly and fully explained Yeshua’s mission in such a way that it enabled me to go, “Aaah! Got it!”

And then in the second week of January this 2013, just four days after my birthday, I was having one of these struggle sessions with myself when it suddenly hit me! Of course! Why hadn’t I seen it before?! It was right in front of my short nose! If Yeshua had decided to pull a couple of fast moves on the Romans and others, it would have killed his message and negated everything that he had come to demonstrate; everything that he had come to establish!

Yeshua descended to earth to establish the energy templates that would provide the pathway for two very major things: (a) enable human beings to awaken to their Divinity within; to awaken to the Divine gifts that each and every one possessed and to use those Divine gifts, and (b) provide the pathway for human Ascension, i.e. the embodying of one’s Higher Self and the opportunity to continue life here on Earth as an Ascended Sovereign Being using even more enhanced gifts to create states of being as yet unknown to man.

In the way of Divine gifts, it was and is still vital that humans come to understand one of their greatest gifts of all – that the Divine All That Is has granted every person the power, the ability and the responsibility of creating their own reality.  In the way of human Ascension, it was and is still vital that humans not only understand that they create their own reality but that they then evolve to become Conscious Co-Creators with God, the Divine All That Is.

If Christ had used his powers to defeat the Romans, both the ‘victims’ and the ‘oppressors’ would have failed to begin the awakening process for humanity; the realization that they were the ones creating that reality for themselves, the reasons why and the wisdoms to be obtained from such a journey.  If Christ had used his powers, everyone would most likely have believed that a ‘saviour’ had come to rescue them; to rescue the oppressed and save the oppressors from themselves.  They would have left everything to this ‘saviour’ and failed to realize that they the people were the ones who had to do their own ‘rescue’ work.  Christ did not want people relying on a saviour!

If Christ had used his powers, the path to Ascension would never have been established.  Christ wanted people to awaken to their own divinity, to expand their consciousness to the point where they could fully embody their Higher Self whilst on Earth and so awaken to their Creatorship; awaken to the realization that they are God also.

Even as I was jumping up and down with joy and relief that I had at last understood Christ’s mission, I very quickly realized that there were pieces of the puzzle still missing!  There are still holes in this picture.

Christ did not want people relying on a saviour but that, oddly enough, is exactly what he has ended up with for the most part! There is today this massive fixation with the ‘Jesus as Saviour’ complex and with the ‘saviour’ complex in general.  If it is not Jesus to save us and people talking about being ‘saved’ – we call it religion – it is the Aliens who are to come and save us; if it is not those, it is the responsibility of government and the head of state to save us.  Anything but the person in the street feeling empowered and taking responsibility for themselves and their life!  How did this mess come about?!?

And there were several other things that still puzzled me about the Christ.  Ooooh, this Christ thing was not over yet!


About ronkeh7

A retired Queensland Government employee now endeavouring to pursue my passions, realise my dreams big and little, live life fully as much as I can everyday, be sovereign, fulfil my freely chosen spiritual missions and tread my own path to spiritual enlightenment in this lifetime
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