Welcome to my SpirituReality website, the purpose of which is to promote the New Energy Consciousness Age, which in turn is the foundation and inspiration for my  concepts for a New Civilization, which I  have called, All ‘Beings’ Are of Equal Value and the Pursuit of Excellence in Service to Self and in Service to All Others – Post 2012: Blueprint for the New Societies of the New Civilization of the New Energy Age – see http://www.allbeingsareequal.com.  The basic concept is that:

  • as a human being birthed by God the Creator, The Divine All That Is and through the Creator’s Grace and Power given eternal life as a divine aspect of the Divine All That Is, you are God also;
  • as God also, you are Co-creator of life, Gaia Mother Earth, the Universe and Creation;
  • you create your own reality and the experiences that you have in your life;
  • life is a journey of awakening to all the divine wisdom and gifts within you;
  • therefore, the purpose of life’s journey is the achievement of enlightenment – the conscious realization here on Earth that you are God also.

As you will no doubt have realized by now, I tread the alternative path in my life’s journey of awakening and the attainment of divine enlightenment and have had – and continue to have – many wonderful experiences along the way. And so on this website I shall be blogging about life from the perspective of my spiritual beliefs and hope to source interesting material and link to interesting sites that promote the New Energy Consciousness Age.

I invite all those of like mind to participate in this adventure in their search of self.  I am sure that if nothing else, you will find some food for thought …



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